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Welcome to the Clinical Sports Medicine 4th Edition (CSM4) blog.

We aim to provide valuable clinical tips to help you whether you are an undergraduate student, a new graduate, or a seasoned professional.

“Helping clinicians help patients” is the clear focus of CSM4. The more than 100 contributing authors average 15 years of practical experience each, so the book contains 1500 years of distilled clinical wisdom!

CSM4 provides clinicians in sports and exercise medicine and physiotherapy/physical therapy at least four major benefits:

  • Whole hearted commitment from leading clinical faculty from all over the English-speaking world. CSM4 provides the reader with an authoritative text—you can trust these authors.
  • At 1270 pages and 67 chapters, CSM4 already carries 25% more pages than the best-selling third edition. Our ruthless editing to focus on clinical relevance means this edition contains 40% new material. CSM4 provides a comprehensive base for your clinical library.

  • With more than 1000 color images (photos and graphics), the book paints a million words (1000 pictures each painting 1000 words!) over and above its 1270 pages! More than 200 of those images are new to this edition—customized for CSM4’s learners—further extending the book’s clarity and usability.
  • Every copy of CSM4 comes with online access to more than four hours of assessment and treatment video and audio material. Clinical Sports Medicine Masterclasses add great value to the text. These are free of charge to book owners for 12 months from registration on this website. You have “the expert in the room.”

In short, CSM4 provides excellent value as an authoritative clinical foundation for physiotherapists, medical practitioners, osteopaths, massage therapists, podiatrists, sports/athletic trainers, sports therapists, fitness leaders, and nurses. It has also proven popular for students in sports physiotherapy, medicine, and human movement studies/kinesiology.

Stay tuned to this website. We promise to keep you updated with regular blog posts. Are we missing something you’d like to discuss or learn more about? Contact us at to suggest blog topics.

Regularly updated podcasts will cover topics from injury prevention and treatment through to exercise prescription and working with teams.

We’ll post some teasers of the Masterclasses video segments (more than 4 hours of footage to come) showcasing fundamental diagnosis and treatment techniques.

Explore the website, dig-in and enjoy!

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