New Chapters

The new chapters in this edition are:

Chapter 1 Sports and exercise medicine: addressing the world’s greatest public health problem
Chapter 3 Integrating evidence into clinical practice to make quality decisions
Chapter 4 Sports injuries: acute
Chapter 5 Sports injuries: overuse
Chapter 16 Principles of physical activity promotion for clinicians
Chapter 23 Wrist pain
Chapter 24 Hand and finger injuries
Chapter 28 Hip-related pain
Chapter 45 Military personnel
Chapter 47 Medical emergencies in the sporting context
Chapter 48 Sudden cardiac death in sport
Chapter 52 Renal symptoms during exercise
Chapter 54 Exercise to treat neurological diseases and improve mental health

A plethora of new, clinically relevant content

Here is just a sampler of new approaches to specific “hot topics” with a few of the contributing authors:

  • The all-new Chapter 28 Hip-related pain clarifies the concept of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), its diagnosis and management
  • The latest concussion guidelines based on the Zurich consensus meeting (with Paul McCrory)
  • A fully revamped discussion of neck pain (with Gwen Jull)
  • Further tips on management of tendinopathies (with Jill Cook, Hakan Alfredson, and Ben Kibler)
  • Discussion of whether ACL injuries should be managed operatively or conservatively (with Richard Frobell and Liza Arendt)
  • A revolution in pain science and its implications for clinical practice (with Lorimer Moseley)
  • How to prevent hamstring problems from being a major burden—prevention and treatment strategies (with Carl Askling and Anthony Schache)
  • A practical approach to leg pain, including compartment pressure testing (with Mark Hutchinson and a demonstration in the masterclasses video)
  • How to manage the patient who has seen everyone—and now wants a miracle cure from you (with Jim Macintyre)
  • Prevention of sudden cardiac death and a practical approach to sports cardiology (with Jon Drezner and Sanjay Sharma)
  • Exercise in the heat as well as prevention of hyponatremia (with Tim Noakes)
  • Drugs—based on latest WADA guidelines

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