Masterclasses videos nearly there! Technical innovations take a little time…

I just asked Siri ‘When do you really think the Masterclasses will be up?’. She replied ‘Probably next week but definitely before March 1st’. So there you have it. Peter and I fully appreciate that waiting for your videos sucks; very sorry about that. On the other hand, we KNOW that that you’ll get them SOON and be very happy with them.

The reason for the delay is the file size – because there are so many videos, our colleagues at McGraw-Hill are having to go back to do more things they hand’t anticipated – more compression, zipping, unzipping, things I don’t understand.

But everyone is going flat tacks to try to get it going so rest assured. And the videos are there. We know that you haven’t read all the new bits yet (40% new material). For example we are really happy with the new chapter 6 Pain: why and how does it hurt? by Lorimer Moseley. Lorimer has a terrific YouTube video we recommend – click here for that link.

We’ll focus our blog notes on new chapters and new material now. We will share news from Twitter so you can see how @CSM4ed is being accepted around the world. The first wave of buyers seem to be really delighted with the quality of the new content, the improved artwork and layout – the overall relevance of the edition to daily clinical practice. And we see has kept the price down to $121 and the Amazon.UK edition is great value at 91 pounds. Seems like two patient appointments and you’ve paid for it (and tax-deductible, right!).

Feel free to tell us what you like and what you want more information on at this Blog.



One Response to Masterclasses videos nearly there! Technical innovations take a little time…

  1. Daniel Mellifont says:

    I love the text and its update. In fact i have set it as a required text for my students.

    Can you help with updating your website with info on:
    1. When the masterclass videos will be available, and
    2. When the educational support video will be available

    This will help both students and I with our planning on use of the text, AND
    will help limit students asking me when the material will be available (something i clearly have no control over)

    I appreciate you are having teething problems and don’t expect miracles but it would be most helpful if you could update the commitments and hence our expectations of time frames

    With Thanks