Masterclasses – McGraw-Hill is improving the ‘platform’. New launch date March 26.

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Ok – it’s Karim here. We could have edited the blogs below to change the date but I’d rather be up front with our terrific @CSM4ed community.  Given the volume of video (several hours in various easy to access shorter clips)  it’s not as simple as putting up one 2-minute file on YouTube. Also, to give credit to McGraw-Hill Australia, they are pioneering an educational delivery mechanism to go with a major print production.

The videos were up on a fairly ‘basic’ [read, ‘not attractive’] site and they were taking quite a while to upload. So to McGraw-Hill’s credit, instead of releasing this ‘beta’ version of the files they went to work to redesign a site that will make it much easier for our @CSM4ed readers to access the files – to find their way around. And tests are showing that we have the upload problem sorted – they are speedy now.

So we are VERY close – I haven’t been given a date but I am really hoping March 26 will see everyone happy. And a second batch of videos – relating to fracture management and injection around the foot and ankle as well as compartment pressure testing demonstration is currently being processed in Vancouver. (We use Giant Ant Media to produce the videos).

Now I know you haven’t read every page of this new edition so please bear with us. Peter and I appreciate your patience. The good news is the material exists and my personal book password worked on the test site.

Do send us the ‘hot topics’ you want covered on this blog or via podcasts when we get to them. In the meantime, Peter and I will get back to our day jobs!

Thanks for your patience,


New chapter of the week – see pages 663-667 for the new material on the FIFA 11+ ACL prevention program. The acute knee injury chapter now includes new author Richard Frobell, who proved (in the New England Journal of Medicine) that conservative management was as effective as ACL reconstruction in a group of active, but not elite, athletes. See pages 647-651 of CSM4e where he discusses surgical and non-surgical management of ACL injuries.

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