What are the CSM Masterclasses?

Dynamic, visual, practical – these are perfect descriptors of clinical treatment and also the CSM Masterclasses. The Masterclasses provide 31 video clips that together provide over 4 hours of educational value (more to come in our second series of video clips).

You can brush up on your examination technique by body part. Our experience indicates that common tests like the McMurray’s and Lachman tests are much easier to learn via video than from a text alone. More experienced clinicians will appreciate the detailed demonstration of traditionally complex examinations such as for posterolateral knee pain or the Watson’s test for scaopholunate instability.

We are excited about Dr Hutchinson walking you through joint injections. No more peering over shoulders from too far away in a conference workshop room. You can watch this in the comfort of your own home theater. Up close and personal. You’ll be the Master after the classes on hand, wrist, shoulder, knee, and foot. Where relevant (e.g., subacromial joint) you’ll see various options shown.

With CSM Masterclasses you have the expert in the room.

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