Clinical Sports Medicine shortlisted for BMA Book of the Year!

Clinical Sports Medicine has twice won BJSM’s ‘Sports Medicine Book of the Year’ (2nd and 3rd editions). Importantly, both of these wins occurred before Karim was editor of the Br J Sports Med!

This 4th edition was a finalist in a bigger competition – the 2012 British Medical Association (BMA) competition for any book published in the category of ‘medicine’ for the year. CSM4ed was shortlisted from over 100 books and the finalists were Allergy, Foundational Medicine, the MIMS handbook, Otolaryngology and an Atlas of Inherited Metabolic Disorders. Clearly the judges did not have knee pain, concussion, or sudden cardiac death so some of our best chapters were lost on them. Nevertheless, we congratulate Buckinghamshire GP Dr Raj Thakkar for the gold medal winning MIMS handbook – a great resource for all doctors.

CSM authors Michael Turner (concussion chapter) and Peter Brukner were at BMA House for the ceremony.  When asked what he thought of the result, we thought we heard Peter Brukner say ‘We wuz robbed!’ but the audio recording transcript says ‘Great event and this marks another strong independent validation of the value of CSM4e for those clinicians and students looking for a well-illustrated, video-supported, practical & comprehensive resource book priced around 66 GBP ($125 USD). ‘ CSM4e is currently sitting comfortably among Google UK’s sports medicine best sellers in physiotherapy and sports medicine.

We’ll aim to keep providing additional value for clinicians on this website – practice tips, best prices, links to podcasts and other great sites. If you follow @CSM4ed on Twitter you’ll be sure to get updates.

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